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Our History

Our History

Hortijardines is a group of family farms located on the slopes of Ecuador’s snowy volcano, Cayambe, right above the equator. We started in the year 2000 with a small Calla Lily operation in our 3050 meters obove sea level farm’s backyard. Little by little, we grew until we became known in the North American and European markets. Later, in 2006, we started planting Dutch Seed Hydrangeas. The introduction of this new product allowed us to expand our portfolio to include Russian and Latin American clients. Finally, in the year 2012, we made the decision to get involved with Roses. To be able to meet the needs of our growing client base, we acquired our second property in Cayambe, located at 2800 meters above sea level.

Growing at a slow and controlled pace means that our quality standards have been maintained through the years. We are proud to vouch for the nobility of each stem and flower that comes out of our farm. We are honored to provide you with great service and welcome you into our business, which is an extension of our family. 

Our Mission

Because we are a boutique, family farm, our specialty clients around the world get high-quality flowers paired with great attention to detail. We want our clients to feel at home and become part of our family.

Our Vision

We hope to be recognized globally as a flower company that provides outstanding quality and service. We want our product to be top of mind among the highest level clients around the world.

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